Celebrating 20 Years of Improving
IRS Services

TAP 20 timeline

20 Years of Making a Difference

At its heart, the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP) is a grassroots organization run by citizen volunteers dedicated to improving the IRS for all taxpayers.

Throughout our 20 years of advocacy, TAP has helped taxpayers address critical issues within the IRS through our taxpayer-centered recommendations and advocacy-focused reports.

Find out more about the mission and impact of TAP here.

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TAP The Voice

20 Years as the Voice Between the IRS and You

TAP is made up with people like you. Our members have dedicated more than 200,000 volunteer hours into making the IRS work better for all U.S. taxpayers nationwide and abroad.

Based on feedback submitted to TAP by the public, we identify major taxpayer issues and make recommendations to the IRS to:

  • Improve efficiency;
  • Adjust problematic systems or procedures; and
  • Improve taxpayer service.
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TAP 20 advocacy in action

20 Years of Advocacy in Action

Since 2002, TAP has submitted 2,232 recommendations to the IRS.

These recommendations serve as advocacy in action. TAP listens to taxpayers through grassroots and community events where we gather information on IRS issues and then work in partnership with IRS employees to resolve problems and monitor IRS progress in implementing and maintaining solutions.



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Martha Lewis
What I enjoy about being part of TAP is being able to serve others. Being a part of a diverse group of people that come together as a team to facilitate change is a great accomplishment. TAP members and staff make a difference in many different aspects.

Martha Lewis, TAP National Chair

20 Years of Reducing Taxpayer Burden and Improving IRS Services

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IRS Customer Service

Stemming from a recommendation by the TAP Toll-Free Lines committee, the IRS is now implementing Customer Callback technology on their toll-free lines, which allows taxpayers to choose how to interact with the IRS’s toll-free services while waiting to speak with a Customer Service Representative. The Toll-free Lines committee found the lack of this technology to be a burden on taxpayers and was one of the first groups to call on the IRS to install callback options.

Taxpayer Education

TAP created a portal on to provide important information for taxpayers claiming education credits.

Taxpayer Assistance

Through grassroots outreach TAP created a one-page IRS Services Guide that provides valuable self-help information taxpayers can use to avoid time-consuming visits to Taxpayer Assistance Centers. The “Hate to Wait” Publication 5136-A now serves as an EZ version to IRS Publication 5136. It includes resources such as how to find a qualified tax professional, preparing your tax returns, determining the correct withholding amounts, getting a copy of a past tax return, making a tax payment, checking the status of a refund, and more.

“I joined to make a difference, and I did. That’s very rewarding.”

Dr. Gene Lillie, TAP National Vice-Chair



TAP 20 years of volunteers

20 Years of Volunteers

Our members are a diverse group of citizen volunteers committed to representing taxpayers in all 50 states, the District of Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Americans living abroad. Each year there are 75 TAP members who volunteer to serve three-year terms.

Since 2002, more than 700 citizens have volunteered their time and expertise to the TAP – if you can see yourself serving your community consider joining us as a member.

“I am honored to serve as a voice for taxpayers. This group is diverse in thought and experience and that is exciting. Knowledge, flexibility and consideration are imperative for a healthy relationship between the IRS and taxpayers (home and abroad). That is exactly what the TAP does for the IRS and taxpayers as we research solutions, one issue at a time. This year has been a whirlwind so far, but no other spin is as rewarding. Let’s continue to spread the word.


Angela Madison, Internal Communications Committee Chair

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet the Chair and Vice-Chairs who have provided amazing leadership to TAP throughout its 20 years. Learn more about their role as a TAP member and community advocate.

20 Years of TAP Leadership

Year Chair Vice-Chair
Thomas P. Seuntjens Robert Meldman
Gwen Handelman Larry T. Combs
Larry T. Combs Paul Brubaker
J.T. Wright Robert Meyers
Henry Mosler M.J. Lee
Charles Davidson Kenneth Wright
Sabby Jonathan Thomas Walker
Thomas Walker John Kim
Eboni Moss Jackie Rollins
Richard Bilancia Colleen Hitchcock
Ken Armstrong Michael Swartz
Michael Swartz Andrew VanSingel
Gina Jones Gretchen Cooney
Kent Christensen Sallie Mullins Thompson
Holly Hoffman Scott Hall
Heidi Hirschfeld Patrick Kusiak
Phillip Kleiber Robert “Bob” Moretti
Robert “Bob” Moretti Nina Tross
Martha Lewis Dr. Eugene “Gene” Lillie


“What I admire most about being a TAP member is the fact that people from all over the United States come together virtually, put their brains together, and make meaningful changes. I stand proud to say, I was a part of meaningful changes that positively impact all Americans.”

Charles E. Jones, Notices and Correspondence Chair
TAP Make a Difference

Use Your Voice to Improve the IRS!

Help us celebrate 20 years of TAP by getting involved. Your voice can make a difference!

TAP wants to hear your suggestions for bettering IRS processes and customer service

The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel needs insight from students, teachers, first responders, parents, grandparents, entrepreneurs, and people like you to help improve IRS services for everyone.

You can get involved in several ways: 

  1. Submit a suggestion of how we can recommend future changes to improve IRS customer service and the tax administration process. Learn more.
  2. Attend a meeting* and voice your thoughts on systemic issues with the IRS that are impacting your community.
  3. Read current and previous Annual Reports to see how TAP is working for you.
  4. Apply to become a TAP member.
  5. Like and follow TAP on social media.

*Join our TAP members at an upcoming committee meeting. Each committee holds monthly meetings covering various IRS issues. All meetings are open to the public – no tax experience needed.

Visit our committee member page for more details or check the Federal Register for meeting announcements.