TAP has volunteer positions available starting in 2023. Recruitment open season runs from February 14 to April 8, 2022


Our Work

We are a two-way channel between the public and the IRS that:


Identifies taxpayer issues based on feedback submitted to TAP by the general public and raises these issues directly to the IRS.


Submits recommendations to the IRS to improve efficiency, adjust problematic systems or procedures, and improve taxpayer service.


Works in partnership with IRS employees to resolve problems, monitoring IRS progress in implementing and maintaining solutions.


Listens to taxpayers through public forums that are designed to gather information on IRS issues.

current report

2020 TAP Annual Report

The 2020 TAP Annual Report highlights our key recommendations to improve IRS customer service and summarizes our key accomplishments and activities, including the 237 recommendations submitted to the IRS in 2020.