TAP Welcomes 27 New Members for 2024

TAP Members featured

The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP) is pleased to welcome 27 new member-volunteers representing 24 different states. We are excited to add their experience and passion for improving taxpayer service to the program.

The selected panel members will support one of TAP’s six project committees. The following table shares their representative state and new committee assignment.

Name State Committee
John Rodgers Alaska Taxpayer Assistance Center Improvements
Jim Simpson Arizona Taxpayer Assistance Center Improvements
Jackson Bauzon California Taxpayer Assistance Center Improvements
Philip Hwang California Taxpayer Communications
Daniel Halleman Colorado Taxpayer Communications
Stacy Cloyd Washington, D.C. Special Projects
Jihan Jude Florida Special Projects
Kyle Kipple Florida Notices and Correspondence
Marian Adkins Georgia Toll-Free Phone Lines
Robert Calloway Georgia Tax Forms and Publications
Andrea Buckley Iowa Toll-Free Phone Lines
LaRee Lowman Illinois Taxpayer Communications
Robert Foley Massachusetts Special Projects
Donald Williamson Maryland Tax Forms and Publications
Mary Lawler Michigan Taxpayer Assistance Center Improvements
Alan Smith Missouri Toll-Free Phone Lines
Michael Silva North Carolina Notices and Correspondence
Jill Ping Nebraska Notices and Correspondence
Jason Crispin New Jersey Tax Forms and Publications
Walter Webster New Mexico Taxpayer Communications
Mitchell Gerstein Pennsylvania Notices and Correspondence
Tiffany Grayson South Carolina Special Projects
Michael Stewart Tennessee Notices and Correspondence
Paulina Fernandez Texas Taxpayer Assistance Center Improvements
Howard Choder Washington Taxpayer Communications
Kathryn Kempf Wisconsin Toll-Free Phone Lines
Berlinda White Wyoming Taxpayer Assistance Center Improvements

TAP is a Federal Advisory Committee comprised of an independent panel of citizen volunteers who listen to taxpayers, identify taxpayers’ systemic issues, and make suggestions for improving IRS customer service. Members work on a variety of issues that impact the taxpaying public. Read more about the work and accomplishments of the TAP in our Annual Report.

If you are interested in joining TAP our enrollment period for 2025 is open and we are accepting applications until March 29. For more details about joining TAP, email the TAP staff at, and watch our recruitment video for more information about how you can contribute to this dynamic group of volunteers and make a difference for taxpayers in your community.

Taxpayers have an opportunity to provide direct feedback to the IRS through TAP. If you have suggestions for improving IRS processes and customer service, reach out and let us know. We take all comments seriously and will discuss them at a future TAP meeting.