2023 TAP Chair

Gene Lillie

Eugene Lillie

I have been preparing tax returns since 1977. My experience includes all businesses, non-profits and Individuals. I have done estate work tax planning as well. I have taught at the High School, Junior College, College and post graduate levels. I believe in education, training and patience. I joined TAP in 2021. During my first year, I served as the Chairman of the Taxpayer Assistance Center committee. During my second year (2022) I am serving as the National Vice Chair of TAP with a new additional assignment of Outreach. Outreach is how we, as TAP members get known in our communities and develop new tasks for us to consider in our quest to improve the Internal Revenue Service. I am a PROUD Veteran and support that community every way that I can. I volunteer my time for Toy’s for Tot’s and several other charities.