Help Us Celebrate Our 20th Anniversary!

For over two decades the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP) has advanced its mission of improving IRS customer service and administrative processes for U.S. taxpayers nationwide and abroad. Throughout its 20 years of dedicated service in advocacy, TAP has helped taxpayers address customer service issues within the IRS through its taxpayer-centered recommendations and advocacy-focused reports.

While everyone involved with TAP is proud of the accomplishments we have achieved so far, we are most proud of our members ongoing dedication and devotion to reducing burdens on U.S. taxpayers. We want to use this momentous occasion to share highlights of our journey – so far – and look forward to the work that’s to come. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, our hearts are filled with gratitude and the determination to ensure taxpayer service is top of mind at the IRS. We want every taxpayer satisfied with the service they receive from the IRS.

“I would like to congratulate all current and former TAP members for 20 years of extraordinary service in effecting change at the IRS,” says National Taxpayer Advocate Erin M. Collins. “The dedicated work of our TAP volunteers is more important than ever to help identify and prioritize initiatives to modernize the IRS, improve customer service, and protect taxpayer rights.”

Since its founding, over 700 TAP members have helped contribute to its overall success. A sense of civic duty, patriotism, and a belief in an effective, well-regarded tax system drives each and every TAP member to take action on behalf of taxpayers.

Each year TAP members work on a large number of referrals that come in from public forums, grassroots outreach, and taxpayer submissions. Since 2002 TAP has submitted more than 2,232 recommendations to the IRS to improve taxpayer service and satisfaction with IRS services, products, and procedures, which has led to improvements such as:

  • Allowing longer extension time to file tax returns.
  • Providing taxpayers the option to obtain copies of their tax returns when using Free File.
  • Establishing Customer Callback Technology over a majority of IRS toll-free telephone lines.
  • Creating a look up portal on that provides important historical information for taxpayers claiming education credits.
  • Creating a Schedule C outreach brochure to educate entrepreneurs on filing requirements.
  • Initiating quality improvements in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) tax return preparation program.

So, help us celebrate our 20 year anniversary by getting involved. As we like to say in TAP, “speak up,” by submitting your suggestions to improve an IRS system or process. You can also make a difference by becoming a TAP member. Each year TAP looks to welcome new advocates for change – learn more about the TAP application process.

You can also visit our 20th anniversary page to learn more about how TAP is working to make the IRS better you and your community.

It is time to tap into TAP and join our panel of members.