Taxpayer Advocacy Panel Welcomes Six New Members

It is our pleasure to welcome six new members to the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP). The new members were selected from our alternate selection pool and have been assigned to the committees noted below. We are excited to add their experience and passion for improving taxpayer service to the panel.

  • Anthony Earwood (San Antonio, TX) – Toll-Free Phone Lines
  • Denise Andrews (Katy, TX) – Taxpayer Assistance Center Improvements
  • Mikaela Binsfeld (St. Paul, MN) – Taxpayer Assistance Center Improvements
  • Danielle Roberts (Charlotte, NC) – Taxpayer Assistance Center Improvements
  • Vivian Jin (Philadelphia, PA) – Notices and Correspondence
  • James Wiseman (Brentwood, TN) – Special Projects

Taxpayers have an opportunity to provide direct feedback to the IRS through the TAP. The TAP is a Federal Advisory Committee comprised of an independent panel of citizen volunteers who listen to taxpayers, identify systemic issues facing taxpayers, and make suggestions for improving IRS customer service. Members of the TAP work on a variety of issues that impact the taxpaying public. Read more about the work and accomplishments of the TAP in our 2021 Annual Report.

If you have suggestions for improving IRS processes and customer service, reach out and let us know. We take all comments seriously and will discuss them at a future TAP meeting.