Issue 41100

Add Prompt to Practitioner’s Line for POA

Issue Statement:

Announcement for practitioners checking status of POAs for clients

Goal Statement:

Save time for practitioners through reminders on how to check status of a form 2848 Power of Attorney


Proposed Solution:

We recommend that the IRS add a Public Service Announcement to the Practitioner Priority Toll-Free line to remind practitioners to check with their clients to verify if they have received a notice that their form 2848 has been rejected. Please don’t forget that if any errors occur on the 2848 form ONLY the taxpayer is notified. If you’re looking for the status of your 2848 form, first check with the taxpayer to see if they have received an error notice from the IRS.

IRS Action:TAP reviewing IRS response

IRS Initial Response:

Thank you for your recommendation regarding adding a POA message on our Practitioner Priority Service (PPS) telephone line.

The PPS telephone line was updated based on your recommendation and implemented on 10/07/19. The message is as follows, ANNC # 7660- If you are checking on the status of a Form 2848 and it’s been over five business days since you submitted it, please check with your client first. It may have been returned due to errors.

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