Issue 40558

PSA for on Toll-Free Phone Lines

Project Statement: Add a public service announcement (“PSA”) to invite taxpayers to convey their suggestions and feedback at, which is monitored by the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (“TAP”).

Goal Statement: To expand taxpayer awareness of, enhance taxpayer services, and give taxpayers a means to convey their suggestions to address taxpayer concerns and issues.


Include an public service announcement in the on-hold announcement carousel.

IRS Action:Not adopted

Thank you for your recommendation regarding adding a public Service announcement promoting the website for taxpayers to submit issues.

As previously shared with the TAP, there is a limit on the number of in-queue messages we can play, coupled with mandated messages we must play and those needed for business needs. We think directing the taxpayer to another organization’s website may be confusing since we already direct them to for on-line assistance. In addition, taxpayer confusion may create demand and disconnects that impact the level of service (LOS) and, the Customer Satisfaction Survey participant rate if we are asking taxpayers to go to another website to provide feedback. As a result, we do not envision this recommendation will have a positive effect on our telephone operations or the taxpayer experience. We will not be adopting this recommendation.

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2022 TAP Annual Report

The 2022 TAP Annual Report highlights our key recommendations to improve IRS customer service and summarizes our key accomplishments and activities, including the 201 recommendations submitted to the IRS in 2022.