Issue 40304

Hard to Read Half Page 1040 Form

Project Statement: Determine if the form and instructions clearly communicate appropriate guidance to the public.

Goal Statement: The goal of this project is to review and make recommendations to the IRS that will enhance customer service and improve the experience of taxpayers.


ID 1624 Form 1040 is now on one two-sided page with each side being only one half of the page. Combine page 1 and 2 so that Form 1040 is a one-page form. Taxpayers have made several complaints regarding the new two-page form, such as:

1. The use of two pages is a waste of paper as most taxpayers copy the one-page, two-sided form onto two single-page forms (tax software companies already have adopted this).
2. The form would easily fit one side of a single page with little or no reduction in the print size.
3. The use of a single-page, one-sided form is more economical.

IRS Action:Not adopted

ID 1624 Non-Adopt

The Form 1040 layout adopted for 2018 was based on high-level decisions with the goal to simplify the form. The 2019 layout is based on high-level decisions as well, coupled with input we have received. The changes made to the 2019 Form 1040, based these decisions and comments, has resulted in additional lines on the form. For 2019 it is not possible to make it a one-page form, although we will continue to listen to feedback and comments in an effort to make Form 1040 the most user friendly it can be.

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2022 TAP Annual Report

The 2022 TAP Annual Report highlights our key recommendations to improve IRS customer service and summarizes our key accomplishments and activities, including the 201 recommendations submitted to the IRS in 2022.