Allow Amended Returns for Direct Deposit

Issue Statement: Paper amended return refund payments should be able to be direct deposited. Additionally, any US citizen living abroad, with a foreign address cannot monitor their refund/return status on “Where’s my Amended Refund.” Since mail is sometimes unreliable, sending mail internationally creates an ongoing challenge to international taxpayers. Post COVID impact lingers with insufficient mail personnel. There is no phone number that allows people outside of the USA to call and inquire as to the status of the refund.

Goal Statement: Process paper amended returns to receive direct deposits as the original return had direct deposit. Include for any amended state returns as well. For example in Washington State, if you can not efile the federal then you can not efile the Washington Working Family Tax Credit (sales tax credit) per the state.


ID 2530

Enable the capability to allow for direct deposit of refund and payments with amended returns

This recommendation will not only address minimizing paper but also streamline the services and allow for a quicker turnaround for refunds. This recommendation also addresses TBOR – Right to Fair and Just Tax Systems as well as Right to a Quality Service.


IRS Action:Not adopted

ID 2530

Not Adopted

Direct Deposit for paper filed returns is not feasible due to our current processing constraints. Return processing through MeF allows for systemic capture and storing of the direct deposit information (routing number and account) and makes it systemically available for when the amended return is worked, and the adjustment creates an overpayment. Amended returns are not transcribed and systemically processed like a tax return. A CSR or Tax Examiner reviews the requested changes and creates an adjustment transaction increasing or decreasing the amount of tax. Implementing a similar process for paper amended returns would not only require new technology solutions, but also require the same rigorous monitoring as exists in the Submission Processing campus pipeline for every CSR and Tax Examiner working amended returns. The monitoring ensures not only that data is captured accurately, but that refund information isn’t altered and refunds misdirected. IRS is exploring modernizing the payment experience for all taxpayers and it includes the ability to store payment information for any overpayment, regardless of what instrument (return, amended return, adjustment from a phone call or correspondence, etc.) creates the overpayment.




ID 2531

Ensure that any amounts of the refund are updated on where’s my amended return application.

Ensure information is current and accurate as well as TBOR Right to Quality of Service.

IRS Action:Considered

ID 2530


Accounts Management (AM) agrees the recommendation has merit but needs to resolve technical and resource hurdles before implementation. AM will begin discussing the challenges with IT and exploring resource avenues for funding.

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