Issue 41392

Tax Professional Online Account & Taxpayer Online

Project Statement: Customer Account Services (CAS) is seeking TAP insight on the taxpayer’s preferred experience with an online account for tax professionals to perform transactions with the IRS on behalf of their clients.

Goal Statement: The Taxpayer Communications Committee (TCC) will gather and provide CAS the taxpayer feedback on their preferred experience when accessing an online application where tax professionals can perform transactions with the IRS on their behalf.


Issue 41392 Currently, all authorizations are filed on paper which increases the amount of time to resolve a taxpayer’s issue. We propose to make online access available. Taxpayers expressed support for the new online authorization application. The IRS systems design can be configurable to support changes after more thorough usage testing. We propose the following recommendations:

  • Make the online authorizations available until it has been revoked
  • Taxpayers would like a regular (annual) reminder to maintain the current authorization for the online account
  • Taxpayers would like the tax professional to take multiple actions on their behalf including:
    • submit inquires to resolve questions
    • respond to IRS correspondence
    • receive notices and letters
    • establish installment agreements
  • Taxpayers would like to see tax professionals/IRS transactions online
  • Taxpayers would like to receive electronic notifications about transactions on a periodic basis (immediately, monthly, or weekly)
  • Taxpayers would like to provide authorizations to the IRS through a variety of methods:
    • electronic signature option
    • online with the IRS from home
    • online at the tax professional’s office
    • at the tax professional’s office
  • Taxpayers would like to terminate an existing authorization through one of the following methods:
    • electronic signature option
    • online with the IRS from home
irs action:Adopted

Issue 41392

We agree with your recommendation. We will ensure authorizations are visible to taxpayers at least as long as the authorizations are current.

We agree with the recommendation. We will include the development of notifications, for taxpayers, in the tax professional’s account. Development of a tax professional account does not have an established timeline. However, it will be delivered in an iterative fashion with capabilities first limited then enhanced over time. In addition, notifications may not be part of the initial release.

We agree with the recommendation. The capabilities for actions beyond authorizations are envisioned for the Tax Professional Account. However, a timeline for development of these capabilities has not been established.

We agree with the recommendation. As the tax professional account is enhanced with new functions, we will explore adding the ability for taxpayers to view the transactions taken on their behalf through Online Account or other capabilities.

We agree with the recommendation. As the Tax Professional Account is developed, a notification process will be included to advise the taxpayer when a tax practitioner is requesting access to their information or when taking an action on the taxpayer’s behalf. We agree with the recommendation. The tax professional account will allow taxpayers to authorize tax professionals to represent them or obtain tax information in a variety of methods. IRS continues to develop authentication and e-Signature options. Once available they will be incorporated in the On-Line Account for tax professionals.

We agree with the recommendation. Taxpayers will have the ability to withdraw/revoke authorizations online or on paper.

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