2024 TAP Vice Chair

Michelle Brookens

Michelle Brookens

I’m a Business and Compliance Specialist for Land of Lincoln Workforce Alliance in Springfield, IL, providing input in strategic planning and improvement of workforce services and guidance and direction to staff and partners regarding program compliance. I also audit Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Trade Agreement Act (TAA) files, update policies and procedures, and work with directors, monitors, staff, and others to assure guidelines are following the Illinois Workforce Development System (IWDS), management, and reporting guidelines, and development of corrective plans. I prepare reports, RFTs, and gather statistics for CEOs, Workforce Board, annual reports, and other requests regarding program information, and conduct program monitoring of sub-grantees and internal compliance audits on funded projects. In addition, I review and approve training and work-based learning obligations and supportive service payments for participants, providing data to the fiscal office to ensure proper recording of grants for financial records and payment processing.

I began as a Career Planner/Workforce Specialist, disseminating program information to customers regarding funds for education and occupational training programs and apprentice occupations, determining individual eligibility, and providing case management through training and follow-up services once funding was approved. This role allowed me to demonstrate and hone knowledge of functions, purposes, and practices of apprenticeship and/or training programs; practice, operations, and content of occupations in numerous fields; training methods and related worker knowledge in identifying, analyzing, and advising on workforce and training problems; and effective communication with management, labor, and other officials in training matters.

I was a previous member of TAP from 2017-2019, providing input on the Taxpayer Assistance Center Improvements Committee (2017), Special Projects Committee (2018), and Taxpayer Communications Committee (2019).

My free time is spent visiting my children, grandchildren, and other family members. I have a senior golden retriever, and two indoor cats, and enjoy gardening, reading and painting when home.